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Analysis of labour migrants' vulnerabilities to trafficking in persons and labour exploitation in the Philippines

Case/country studies

Written by Melvin Jabar, Sasha Jesperson

Image credit:Tia / Unsplash

In Southeast Asia, labour migration offers many positives, but migrants may also fall victim to exploitation or trafficking in persons (TIP). Vulnerability to exploitation and TIP is caused not only by lack of knowledge, skills or capacity but is also shaped by structures, institutions, power and interests. Addressing exploitation therefore requires understanding how these dimensions sustain vulnerabilities.

This country study on the Philippines is part of a series of ASEAN country studies seeking to understand what shapes labour migrants’ vulnerabilities to exploitation, including TIP. The Philippines is primarily a migrant-sending country, with approximately 10% of the population abroad. While not all of these are migrant workers, remittance flows are an important component of the Philippine economy.