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Nanumea island, Tuvalu
This study was undertaken to inform the SIDS Global Data Hub, launched at the SIDS4 Conference in May 2024, as well as Small Island Developing States' (SIDS) broader suite of activities on adaptation and resilience information, in the context of the next 10-year SIDS agenda: ‘The Antigua and Barbuda Agenda for SIDS – a Renewed Declaration for Resilient Prosperity’.

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  1. Implementation and alignment between different sanctions frameworks: lessons learned and best practice

    Meeting/conference report

  2. Revitalising the Good Humanitarian Donorship Initiative: a 20-year review

    Research report

  3. Supporting livelihoods in displacement: four recommendations for donors, policymakers and practitioners

    Briefing/policy paper

  4. The lives and livelihoods of forcibly displaced people in Mogadishu, Somalia

    Case/country study

  5. The livelihoods of forcibly displaced persons (FDPs): a global evidence review

    Working paper

  6. The Grand Bargain in 2022: an independent review

    Research report

  7. Leaders and intrapreneurs: driving investment in frontier markets

    Research report

  8. Anticipatory action and disaster risk finance: Guiding the setting of humanitarian targets

    Research report

  9. Women leading local humanitarian response during the Covid-19 pandemic

    Working paper

  10. The Grand Bargain in 2021: an independent review

    Research report

  11. Local humanitarian action during Covid-19: findings from a diary study

    Working paper

  12. Interrogating the evidence base on humanitarian localisation: a literature study

    Literature review

  13. The Grand Bargain at five years: an independent review

    Research report

  14. Covid-19: implications for localisation. A case study of Afghanistan and Pakistan

    Working paper

  15. Reducing the humanitarian financing gap: review of progress since the report of the High-Level Panel on Humanitarian Financing

    Research report