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Nanumea island, Tuvalu
This study was undertaken to inform the SIDS Global Data Hub, launched at the SIDS4 Conference in May 2024, as well as Small Island Developing States' (SIDS) broader suite of activities on adaptation and resilience information, in the context of the next 10-year SIDS agenda: ‘The Antigua and Barbuda Agenda for SIDS – a Renewed Declaration for Resilient Prosperity’.

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  1. Communicating taxes: a review of the literature

    Literature review

  2. Fiscal policy and gender income inequality: the role of taxes and social spending

    Research report

  3. Personal income tax reforms and income inequality in African countries

    Working paper

  4. Financing social assistance in lower-income countries post-Covid-19: An exploration of realistic options

    Working paper

  5. DPF roundtable event summary | Mainstreaming equality into fiscal policy: Distributional analysis in finance ministries

    Meeting/conference report

  6. At a glance: Two decades of Employment Income Tax in Africa


  7. Tax expenditure reporting in Rwanda and Uganda: challenges, practical guidance and lessons learnt

    Working paper

  8. Fiscal policy and income inequality: the role of taxes and social spending

    Research report

  9. Informal and religious taxes and transfers in Pakistan

    Working paper

  10. Digitalisation of property taxation in developing countries: Recent advances and remaining challenges

    Research report

  11. The TaxDev employment income taxes dataset and technical guide


  12. Employment income tax in Africa: findings from a new dataset

    Working paper

  13. International corporate tax reforms: what could the OECD deal mean for lower-income countries?

    Working paper

  14. E-commerce in preferential trade agreements: implications for African firms and the AfCFTA

    Research report

  15. Report on the tax policy-making process in Uganda

    Research report

  16. Gender, power and progress: how norms change

    Research report

  17. Informal taxes and transfers in sub-Saharan Africa: a review and analysis of incidence in Rwanda

    Working paper

  18. Phasing out plastics

    Research report

  19. Counting carbon in global trade: why imported emissions challenge the climate regime and what might be done about it

    Research report

  20. Towards universal health systems in the Covid-19 era: opportunities and threats

    Briefing/policy paper