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Karen Hargrave


Humanitarian Policy Group

Portrait of Karen Hargrave

Karen is an independent consultant specialising in migration and displacement research. 

  1. The data gap on public attitudes towards migrants in low- and middle-income countries needs closing – here’s how

  2. The Rohingya response in Bangladesh and the Global Compact on Refugees: lessons, challenges and opportunities

    Working papers

  3. Regional Organisation Humanitarian Action Network conference paper 2016

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  6. Restrictive policies in Europe and Australia leading to erosion of refugee protection on global scale – new report

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  9. Europe's expensive and ineffective efforts to stop migration

  10. Closing borders: the ripple effects of Australian and European refugee policy. Case studies from Indonesia, Kenya and Jordan

    Research reports

  11. Europe’s refugees and migrants: hidden flows, tightened borders and spiralling costs

    Research reports