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Antoine Lacroix

Research Officer

  • Development and Public Finance

Antoine is a statistician and empirical economist. His work has spanned a range of topics including public finance and migration. He is particularly interested in the use of technology to improve government financial processes.

Antoine has experience in data analysis n the public and private sectors and two years of experience working for a government agency in Africa. He has also provided technical assistance on improving budget transparency to the Government of Mali and Uganda through ODI’s Budget Strengthening initiative.

Prior to joining ODI as a research officer, Antoine was an ODI fellow in the National Statistical Agency in Sierra Leone, where he supported the completion of the 2018 Integrated Household Survey. He worked in private consultancy advising public entities to use analytic approaches to problem-solving.

Antoine holds a master's degree in Economics and Econometrics from the Toulouse School of Economics and a bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Melbourne.