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JobTech and digital innovation for youth by youth

Time (GMT +01) 14:00 15:00
Image credit:rvdw images / Shutterstock.com
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  • Louise Shaxson

    Chair – Director, Digital Societies, ODI

  • Gituku Ngene

    Panellist – Africa Regional Lead, Employment and Innovation Lead, Mercy Corps

  • Betelhem Dessie

    Panellist – Tech activist, Founder and CEO, iCog Anyone Can Code

  • Nekesa Were

    Panellist – Director of Strategy, AfriLabs



Technology can be a huge force for good, helping young people secure income to support their livelihoods. But equity and inclusivity challenges prevent the online revolution from reaching its full potential. Youth are the current leading users and innovators in tech, and have an instrumental role to play in shaping our digital future.

We bring together a diverse, trailblazing panel to discuss the role of technology for the future of work and youth access to employment, bringing pan-African insights from the experiences of tech hubs and youth-led digital innovation on the continent.

The panellists also explore how youth-focused programmes can work across the digital divide to prepare young people for the future of work, and how their experiences can be harnessed for designing policy to support digital innovation for youth and by youth.

This webinar is supported by the Mastercard Foundation through the Youth Forward Learning Partnership. It is the last event in a series of discussions exploring young people’s engagement with digital technologies in sub-Saharan Africa, continuing conversations started in a youth-focused participatory consultation in July 2020.