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Global consultation on youth and digital technologies in sub-Saharan Africa

Time (GMT +01) 08:00 12:30


In the African continent, where almost 60% of people are under the age of 25, economies are expected to lose billions of dollars due to the Covid-19 crisis, severely impacting jobs and livelihoods. However, young people in sub-Saharan Africa have been at the forefront of innovation in their Covid-19 responses, in many cases using digital tech to transform their lives and communities. With the right support, youth can not only respond to the current crisis more effectively, but shape the future of the region for the better.  

To this end, Development Research and Training (Uganda), Participatory Development Associates (Ghana) and ODI are launching an online, global consultation to gather insights, current trends and practices to come up with recommendations for how organisations can better support youth to make the most of technologies in a post-Covid-19 world. This consultation focuses on tech use in the following areas: community engagement and youth activism, digital skills for the future, gig economy and the future of work, innovation, and access to finance. 

Using Platform4Dialogue, participants will provide input and feedback on questions related to the above themes, but also interact with each other and discuss issues that they find relevant.

We are encouraging participation from a wide range of actors, including young people, NGO practitioners, CSOs, activists, community leaders, government and policy officials, academics, philanthropic organisations, entrepreneurs and private sector.

This event is part of the Mastercard Foundation Youth Forward initiative and the ODI at 60 global reset dialogue series, challenging decision-makers to provide more sustainable and equitable pathways for the future and will be conducted in English, French and Portuguese.

Registration for this event has now closed.