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From evidence to action: understanding climate mobility

Time (GMT +00) 15:00 16:30
Image credit:IOM media library
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The relationship between climate change and human mobility is critical and becoming particularly prominent, with climate change now causing more new displacements annually than conflict. It is also eroding adaptation resources. Not everyone is able to move safely, leaving many stuck in place and without the option of moving to escape the impacts of climate change.

This event will explore the various interactions between climate change and human mobility, including a number of emerging research areas which have received less attention to date. Building on the existing forecasts for how climatic hazards and their impacts will increasingly affect human mobility, we will address mobility as an adaptation option, the subject of involuntary immobility, as well as other overlooked areas such as how labour mobility can support green transitions and city-level adaptation planning. Specifically, the event aims to shift the dialogue away from macro-level projections and abstract conceptual frameworks to delve into concrete policy implications by asking: what are the near-term adaptation and development planning options for policymakers? And how we move from evidence to action?


  • Michai Robertson

    Michai Robertson

    Research Fellow, Climate and Sustainability team, ODI (chair)

  • Koko Warner

    Dr Koko Warner

    Director Global Data Institute (GDI) at IOM

  • Mark Tebboth.docx

    Dr Mark Tebboth

    Associate Professor in Environment and Global Development, School of Global Development, University of East Anglia

  • Sarah Rosengaertner_headshot

    Sarah Rosengaertner

    Deputy Managing Director, Global Centre for Climate Mobility

  • Claire Kumar headshot

    Claire Kumar

    Senior Research Fellow, ODI-Europe, ODI