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Critical approaches to conflict, fragility and peacebuilding


Image credit:Alev Takil - Unsplash

Through the work we are doing in the Politics and Governance programme, we believe the foundation of inclusive, peaceful and sustainable development lies in the ability of nations and societies to peacefully resolve differences, safeguard their people's rights, and hold those in power accountable.

Critical approaches to fragility, conflict and peace encompasses a diverse array of projects. Focused on exploring both external and internal political, economic, and socio-cultural drivers and outcomes of various forms of conflict. Our work on fragility intersects with themes like peacebuilding, state-building, justice, human rights, inclusion, and rule of law. As part of this work we emphasise the importance of considering peacebuilding factors across different sectors, such as development, humanitarian efforts, security and the private sector.


  1. Rethinking Peacebuilding and Statebuilding: Focusing on better connecting global peacebuilding endeavors with local initiatives. Drawing from ODI's expertise in "good donorship" practices and adaptive management, we aim to influence bilateral and multilateral discussions on peacebuilding financing and strategies.
  2. The Economies of War and Rethinking Afghanistan Research and Policy: Critically analysing lessons from international involvement in Afghanistan and other countries dealing with war. Through comprehensive research and public discourse, we're advancing new approaches to knowledge production and policy shaping, collaborating closely with local researchers and partners.
  3. Private Sector, Conflict and Peace: Collaborating with various stakeholders to examine both positive and negative practices within the private sector. Our goal is to build an evidence base, facilitate dialogues with public and private entities, and understand the political economy behind the involvement of private sector actors in conflict zones.
  4. Digitalisation and Conflict Settings: This emerging workstream, developed in partnership with our Digital Societies cluster, explores the intersection of digitalisation, social divisions, violence and international responses within conflict-affected settings.