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Policy paper on African growth, poverty reduction and the G-20

This project will develop a paper aiming to conceptualise the development agenda at the G20 from an African perspective. The paper aims to influence the G-20 Working Group on Development and the debate on how the G-20 incorporates development around the Seoul Summit.

The proposed paper will be structured around the following key concepts:

  • What are the key determinants of growth, especially of pro poor equitable sustainable growth?

  • Development at the G20 and African growth initiatives so far

  • Possible links between the G20 policies and African growth and development

  • Three case studies on G20 engagement in Africa

  • Regional Economic Integration – G-20 involvement in supporting hard and soft infrastructure development

  • G-20 FDI in Africa

  • Special Economic Zones - can they work for pro-poor development?

The paper will also include recommendations on how G-20 policies could have positive impacts on African growth and poverty reduction.


Christian Kingombe, Peter Draper

Supported by

  1. The G20 and African development

    Research report