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Monitoring and evaluation of policy influence of four Australian universities involved in the Health Knowledge Hubs initiative

ODI has been engaged by AusAID to assist the Knowledge Hubs for Health to improve the communication and dissemination of research, and improve the reporting of research results.

The Health Knowledge Hubs are a strategic initiative funded by AusAID that provide improved health knowledge and expertise to inform policy dialogue at national, regional and international levels by both AusAID and development partners.

AusAID funded the establishment of four Health Knowledge Hubs: 

Each hub uses its convening power to work with others, both within and outside of academia, to build a knowledge and expertise base, link people, strengthen and expand networks, identify opportunities for collaboration and promote multi-disciplinary engagement.

The four Hubs jointly lead on public health policy research in the Asia and Pacific region. To assist in reporing research results, ODI partnered with AusAID and the Hubs to design policy influence monitoring frameworks that provide clear indicators of success and results from research work. With ODI support, the Hubs have documented the policy influence of their research through stories and change, which will be made available by AusAID in the near future.

ODI inputs and activities to support the Hubs initiative include:

  • Introduce the M&E of policy influence framework developed by Ingie Hovland (2007) to the Hubs;
  • Revise the Hub initiative log frame by introducing policy influence indicators and means of verification;
  • Develop Stories of Changes with each Hub


Jessica Sinclair Taylor, Caroline Cassidy