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MIDEQ: migration for development and equality

Hero image description: Map of the MIDEQ country corridors

The MIDEQ Hub unpacks the complex and multi-dimensional relationships between migration and inequality in the context of the Global South.

MIDEQ aims to transform understanding of the relationship between migration and inequality in the context of the Global South by decentring the production of knowledge about migration and its consequences away from the Global North towards those countries where most migration takes place.

Drawing on the experience and expertise of our partners across 12 countries, MIDEQ builds an evidence-based understanding of the relationships between migration, inequality and development. Our ultimate aim is to translate this knowledge into concrete policies and practices which improve the lives of migrants, their families and the communities in which they live.

MIDEQ aims to empower changemakers at all levels with the knowledge and networks to develop and implement policies harnessing the developmental potential of South–South migration and draws on the expertise of twenty partner universities and six international organisations alongside local organisations.

ODI experts Jessica Hagen-Zanker and Stephen Gelb are leading the ODI’s research for MIDEQ, with work packages focusing on migrant decision making and resource flows, respectively.

The £20 million project is funded by UK Research and Innovation, as part of the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), and ODI also receives co-funding from Irish Aid.

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