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Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Reviews (CPEIR) in South-East Asia

The analysis of climate finance and institutional capacity on climate change within many countries is at the earliest stages of development. The ODI has developed a methodology through country case studies in Nepal and Bangladesh and further national studies will hopefully be undertaken in the coming months and is now furthering this work in a three other South-East Asian countries, starting in Thailand. 

The Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Reviews (CPEIR) is an extremely useful tool in contributing to an overall Climate Fiscal Framework that provides a basis for a cross sectoral approach that is essential for the management of climate change finance. In addition, the CPEIR will be a key building block to develop a Climate Fiscal Framework that assesses the demand and supply for climate funds and the sources of funds available from domestic and external sources.


Smita Nakhooda, Emily Wilkinson, Merylyn Hedger, Sam Moon, Arnaldo Pellini

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