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40th anniversary of Disasters journal

Over the past 40 years, Disasters has been the leading journal in disaster studies. At the forefront of research and debates, it has challenged policy and practice concerning catastrophes, complex emergencies and protracted crises around the world.

Ever since the journal’s inception in 1976 in London, with the London Technical Group, Disasters has always strived to publish conceptually clear, contemporary and forward-thinking articles aimed at influencing policy and practice. Combined with the dynamic nature of disaster studies and the constant evolution of academic publishing, Disasters has not only maintained its integrity but also established itself as the world’s leading journal in its field – a testament to all past and present editors.

Disasters has a truly global readership and presence. Today, it is accessed and viewed by more than 12,000 institutions around the world. In 2016 alone, Disasters was accessed in 167 countries. Access to content in countries regularly struck by disasters is as important as ever, and a feature of the journal that we care about deeply. The dissemination of scientific literature beyond academia remains critical, and Disasters will continue to publish relevant cutting-edge content for the benefit of policy-makers and practitioners.

As the world continues to face large-scale disasters and crises, it is critical that we review progress in reducing vulnerability and increasing resilience. To celebrate this significant occasion, ODI convenes a one-day conference bringing together scholars and experts from many countries to take lessons from the past four decades to re-evaluate current frameworks for prevention and response and draw up a forward-looking agenda for disaster studies. 

If you would like to attend, please informal the Journal Administrator, John Nesbitt

Follow the conversation at #Disasters40. 

40th anniversary of Disasters journal

40th Anniversary Virtual Issue

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Disasters, we present a selection from the huge number of papers published in the journal over the past four decades for this virtual issue. Current and former editors and editorial board members chose articles to reflect a variety of factors: the influence of certain papers; the diversity of the journal's content and its global scope; and the significance and topicality of the issues that have been addressed in its pages. 

Read the 40th Anniversary Virtual Issue


Sara Pantuliano, John Twigg and Helen Young