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John Twigg

Principal Research Fellow

Portrait of John Twigg

John has worked on many aspects of DRR, mostly on socio-economic vulnerability, community resilience, vulnerability/risk assessment methodologies, policy and institutional aspects of disaster management, and project planning and evaluation.  The application of academic research to improve operational practice is a particular interest and much of John’s research output has been aimed at guiding practitioners.


  1. Barriers to urban shelter self-recovery in Philippines and Nepal: lessons for humanitarian policy and practice


  2. The potential of Nepal’s social security allowance schemes to support emergency flood response

    Research reports

  3. Disaster risk reduction strategies: navigating conflict contexts

    Working papers

  4. Intersectional approaches to vulnerability reduction and resilience-building

    Research reports

  5. Child poverty, disasters and climate change

  6. Child poverty, disasters and climate change: investigating relationships and implications over the life course of children

    Research reports

  7. Children in disaster-prone areas in India twice as likely to be living in poverty – new report

    Press Release

  8. Building livelihood and community resilience: lessons from Somalia and Zimbabwe

    Working papers

  9. Disability inclusion and disaster risk reduction: overcoming barriers to progress

    Briefing/policy papers

  10. Disability Summit 2018: how to ensure people with disabilities are not left behind

  11. Informality in urban crisis response

    Working papers

  12. 'Building back better': a resilient Caribbean after the 2017 hurricanes

    Briefing/policy papers

  13. Self-recovery from disasters: an interdisciplinary perspective

    Working papers

  14. Emergent groups and spontaneous volunteers in urban disaster response


  15. Disasters Conference: learning from the past 40 years


  16. Learning from the past 40 years of Disasters

  17. In figures: Disasters journal 1977-2017

  18. Resilience Scan: January-March 2017

    Research reports

  19. Delivering disaster risk reduction by 2030: pathways to progress

    Research reports

  20. Disability and climate resilience: a literature review