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  1. Understanding agency in civilian-armed group interactions

    Briefing/policy papers

  2. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit 2022: key takeaways

  3. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is creating cascading risks across Eurasia – here’s what to watch out for

  4. The Women, Peace and Security agenda: Breaking down silos


  5. Think Change episode 4: how can we stop wars before they start?

  6. Think Change episode 2: reactions to the French election results – what impact will they have?

  7. Shaping United States policy and practice on the protection of civilians

    Briefing/policy papers

  8. Humanitarians and the Women, Peace and Security agenda during Covid-19: leading in crisis

    Briefing/policy papers

  9. Independent Review of the IPC in South Sudan

    Research reports

  10. Conflict, instability and hunger: breaking the cycle in the Central African Republic

    Meeting/conference reports

  11. Regulating irregular actors: Can due diligence checks mitigate the risks of working with non-state and substate forces?

    Research reports

  12. Regulating irregular actors in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria


  13. Perceived tenure security as a tool for understanding the conflict context and predicting violent conflict


  14. Beyond the Union: a new platform for European cooperation

    Briefing/policy papers

  15. Three myths about armed groups and the smuggling economy

  16. Inviting non-state armed groups to the table: inclusive strategies towards a more fit for purpose international humanitarian law

    Briefing/policy papers

  17. Women, Peace and Security and humanitarianism – 3 ideas for a return to radical action

  18. Coronavirus and local peacebuilding efforts in North Africa


  19. Climate change, conflict and security scan: analysis of current thinking December 2018–March 2019


  20. Gender and violent extremism: four points for coordinated action on the C/PVE agenda