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Supporting resilience among young people at risk of child abuse in Ethiopia: The role of social system alignment

Journal issue/article

Written by Nicola Jones

Many Ethiopian adolescents experience different forms of violence and abuse at home, at school, and in their communities. There are very limited referral, case management, and justice services, especially outside of urban areas, so young people draw largely on protective and promotive interpersonal resources. This article, drawing on data from the Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence (GAGE) study, explores the extent to which available support systems promote processes of resilience among young people at risk of age- and gender-based violence and abuse.

The findings underline the need to invest in multi-systemic effective, low-cost and accessible social protection, justice, and referral services to address the multiple factors that drive intersecting forms of violence and support young people in preventing and overcoming the effects of abuse.

Authors: Nicola Jones, Kate Pincock, Guday Emirie, Yitagesu Gebeyehu and Workneh Yadete