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Promoting Ethiopian women’s economic rights by addressing the antecedents of gender inequality in adolescence

Book/book chapter

Written by Nicola Jones

Book/book chapter

Ethiopia has made remarkable development progress over the past two decades, with indicators across sectors evidencing the government’s commitment to improving the lives of its citizens. Women’s rights have been central to Ethiopia since the National Women’s Policy and are enshrined in the Constitution.

However, while the government of Ethiopia is depending on women to help achieve middle-income status by 2025, there is ample evidence that most adolescent girls remain excluded from the opportunities that would enable them to build a secure future.

This chapter attempts to address some of these gaps based on data collected in 2017–2018 for the GAGE longitudinal study. It explores the diverse ways in which the antecedents of gender equality leave young women at a disadvantaged position in terms of economic participation. We argue that a more holistic approach to supporting girls’ broader capabilities is vital if the country is to harness the potential of half of Ethiopia’s adolescent and youth bulge.

Authors: Elizabeth Presler-Marshall, Nicola Jones, Guday Emirie and Workneh Yadete