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New Finance for Climate Change and the Environment

Research reports

Written by Leo Peskett, Neil Bird

WWF and the Böll Foundation strongly embrace the provision of new financial resources to address the urgent challenges of climate change, environmental degradation and their impact on vulnerable people. By commissioning this paper, New Finance for Climate Change and Environment, it is our hope that we can help clarify major recent developments in environmental and climate finance while contributing to a productive global dialogue about the opportunities and challenges offered by those new financial commitments. We hope that the research will broaden public understanding of and engagement in the global discourse about the more than one dozen new funds and their interplay with
existing financial mechanisms. Together, we also plan to sponsor a number of public seminars and consultations in both northern and southern capitals to encourage active involvement of stakeholders and concerned parties in shaping the final institutional architecture for environment finance.

Report by Gareth Porter, Neil Bird, Nanki Kaur and Leo Peskett