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Evaluation of Donor Support to Public Financial Management (PFM) Reform in Developing Countries: Analytical study of quantitative cross-country evidence

Research reports

Written by Paolo de Renzio

This study is part of a broader evaluation of donor support to Public Financial Management (PFM) reforms in developing countries. It brings together available quantitative evidence on the quality of PFM systems, to assess the factors that are associated with and may have determined cross-country differences and variations over time, with a particular focus on the impact of donor support for PFM reforms. The bulk of the analysis draws on data from PEFA assessments in 100 countries, data on donor support to PFM reforms directly collected from some of the donor agencies most active in this area, and  a large dataset on other economic/social, political/institutional and aid-related variables that were identified as relevant from previous research. 

Paolo de Renzio, Matt Andrews and Zac Mills