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Climate change as part of the post-2015 development agenda

Working papers

Written by Lucy Scott, Andrew Shepherd

This paper presents a background to the challenges and opportunities for the post-2015 discussions on development and climate change.

At present, responses to climate change and poverty are being formulated with little reference to each other. Climate change not only threatens poverty reduction, but the achievement of other MDGs, and may even reverse gains already made. An effective post-2015 agenda needs to learn from the MDG successes and limitations to date, while incorporating major future challenges for development. 

This paper proposes a framework for Millennium Consumption Goals for rich countries, which could run alonside the MDGs, and suggests that climate change means that international obligations should be increased in order to increase protection for the most vulnerable.  

It recommends that energy, agriculture and poverty debates need to be focused by a lens of sustainability, while any discussion about the climate change agenda must not neglect the complexities of poverty reduction.  
Lucy Scott, Andrew Shepherd