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Massimiliano Cali

Research Associate

International Economic Development Group

Portrait of Massimiliano Cali

Massimiliano’s current research focuses on the relation between trade, development and growth on the effects of migration on source countries. He is also studying the determinants and implications of urbanisation in developing countries.

  1. Does the wage bill affect conflict? Evidence from Palestine

    Research reports

  2. Economics in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Historical insights from quantitative analysis - Executive Summary

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  3. What causes animosity between groups? Evidence from Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territory

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  4. Trade, employment and conflict: Evidence from the Second Intifada

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  5. Trade liberalisation does not always raise wage premia: evidence from Ugandan districts

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  6. The palestinian political economy: daily practices, sustainability and prospects


  7. The impact of circular migration on source countries: a simulation exercise

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  8. Measuring state-­business relations within developing countries: An application to Indian states


  9. Do effective state business relations matter for economic growth? Evidence from Indian states


  10. Does aid for trade really improve trade performance?


  11. Changing the debate on effectiveness of aid for trade

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  12. Case Studies for the MDG Gap Task Force Report Overview of Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cambodia and Uganda

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  13. Impediments to intra-regional trade in sub-Saharan Africa

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  14. Effective state-business relations, industrial policy and economic growth

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  15. Time to reappraise Africa's growth prospects

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  16. The G-20 framework for strong, sustainable and balanced growth: What role for low-income, small and vulnerable countries?

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  17. Reforming trade preferences for Least Developed Countries

  18. Cambodia: Case Study for the MDG Gap Task Force Report

    Research reports

  19. Uganda: Case Study for the MDG Gap Task Force Report

    Research reports

  20. Restricting migration: a bad (development) idea

    Briefing/policy papers