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Irina Mosel

Research Associate

Humanitarian Policy Group

Portrait of Irina Mosel

Irina is an experienced humanitarian/development practitioner, researcher and policy adviser, with extensive experience working in conflict and fragile states, including Sudan and South Sudan, Pakistan, as well as in different countries in East Africa. Irina's areas of expertise include the different dimensions of displacement, return and reintegration of IDPs and refugees, livelihoods in crises, urbanisation and urban displacement, and community security processes. Before becoming a Research Associate with ODI based in Kenya, Irina was a Senior Research Fellow at HPG in London. Prior to that, she worked for several NGOs and civil society organisations in Uganda and Pakistan as well as spent 7 years living and working in South Sudan and Sudan. She also worked as an independent consultant on issues related to conflict, displacement, cash transfers and humanitarian access/negotiations. Irina holds an MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Oxford.

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