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Think Change episode 24: Sudan conflict – how did we get here and what next?

Written by Sara Pantuliano, Mohanad Hashim, Kholood Khair, Edward Thomas


The current terrible violence in Sudan comes almost twenty years to the day of when the genocide in Darfur started. Darfur was headline news at the time, but forgotten by the international community since. Only the recent escalation of violence between powerful armed groups in Khartoum has put Sudan back in the spotlight.

This episode continues the conversation from an ODI event this week on the fallout from 20 years of conflict in Darfur. We convened the event to better understand the roots of the current violence and the country’s long history of conflict.

Recent international media coverage has unhelpfully focused on the evacuation of expatriate personnel and third party citizens from Sudan. In response, we go behind the headlines to build a picture of the current situation in the country, focussing on the humanitarian impact and the local response to support those fleeing the violence.

We dig deeper into the history of the conflict to better understand what is happening today, and ask how humanitarians, politicians and diplomats must now respond.


  • Sara Pantuliano (host), Chief Executive, ODI
  • Mohanad Hashim, BBC journalist
  • Kholood Khair, Founder and director, Confluence Advisory
  • Eddie Thomas, Fellow, Rift Valley Institute

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