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World Social Protection Report 2014-15: Building economic recovery, inclusive development and social justice

Time (GMT +00) 12:30 14:00


Isabel Ortiz, Director of Social Protection, ILO


Francesca Bastagli, Head of Social Protection Programme, ODI

Sam Hickey, Professor of Politics and Development, Manchester University

Frances Stewart, Professor Emeritus in Development Economics, University of Oxford


Rachel Slater, Research Fellow Social Protection Programme and SLRC Research Director, ODI



The potential role of social protection in tackling poverty and inequality and promoting inclusive development is now widely recognised. At the international agenda level, the provisional list of Sustainable Development Goals lists social protection as one of the key instruments in achieving progress towards eradicating poverty and reducing inequality. On the ground, the past decade has witnessed an impressive extension of social protection in many countries. Despite these trends, only a minority of the world’s population is effectively covered by social protection.

The World Social Protection Report 2014-15 provides a global overview of social protection systems and policy. Following a life-cycle approach, it reviews social protection for children, women and men in working age, older persons, and reports on progress towards achieving universal health coverage. It also analyses recent trends, such as the impact of fiscal consolidation and adjustment measures in the aftermath of the crisis.

Join us to discuss this year’s World Social Protection Report and emerging issues of social protection coverage, financing, impact and sustainability.