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Women, migration and development: Investing in the future

Time (GMT +01) 09:00 17:00

Speakers confirmed include

Albert Tucker - England Vice Chair, Big Lottery Fund

Jill Helke - Director of International Cooperation and Partnerships, IOM 

Arjun Bahadur Thapa - Secretary-General, SAARC

Dr.  Piyasiri Wickramasekara - Vice President, Global Migration Policy Associates

Dr. Fiona Samuels - Research Fellow, Social Development, Overseas Development Institute

Dr. Priya Deshingkar - Research Director, Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium

Allison J. Petrozziello - Gender and Migration Specialist, UN Women

Eve Geddie - Programmes Director, Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants

Barbara Rijks - Migration Health Program Coordinator, IOM

Hiranthi Jayaweera - Senior Researcher COMPAS, Oxford University

Elizabeth Shlala - Research Associate, COMPAS, Oxford University, London School of Economics

Neill Wilkins - Programme Support Manager, Migration, IHRB

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown - Journalist and author

Awale Olad - Public Affairs Officer, Migrants' Rights Network

John Plastow - Programme & Policy Director, CARE International UK

Prabodh Devkota - Senior Regional Project Director, EMPHASIS, CARE

Tahseen Alam - Regional Advocacy Manager, EMPHASIS CARE

Nabesh Bohidar - Regional Knowledge and Monitoring Manager, EMPHASIS, CARE

Doris Bartel - Senior Director, Gender and Empowerment at CARE-USA

Cathy Riley - Assistant Country Director, CARE Nepal, CARE International

Lex Kassenberg - Country Director at CARE Nepal, CARE International

Dilip Ratha - Manager, Migration and Remittances Unit and CEO, Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD), Development Prospects Group, World Bank


Economic globalization has led to significant increases in migration. Many national policies discourage migration beyond national borders. However, there is strong evidence showing the positive effect that migration can have at source and destination countries. There is also a pressing need to protect the wellbeing of migrants – to facilitate their safe mobility and to ensure they have both the right and access to decent work and  health and other basic health services.

CARE has been working on gender, migration and development issues for several years across the world. In South Asia, CARE has implemented a 5-year regional project, 'Enhancing Mobile Populations' Access to HIV and AIDS Services, Information and Support (EMPHASIS)', funded by the Big Lottery Fund. The Overseas Development Institute provided research oversight to the project, which produced a number of innovative studies. This project aims to reduce HIV & AIDS vulnerability among cross-border migrants from Bangladesh to India and Nepal to India. Secondly, it aims to influence national and regional policies relating to safe mobility of migrants.  A key focus of the project has been women's empowerment along the continuum of mobility. 

The studies produced with oversight by ODI, informed the interventions and expanded the evidence base on cross-border migrants and their HIV and AIDS-related vulnerabilities.  The Overseas Development Institute and CARE International UK are hosting this conference to highlight migration as a key factor for sustainable development and the need to better protect the human rights of migrants.

The key objectives of this public event are:

·         To highlight the challenges faced by vulnerable migrant workers, including the particular vulnerabilities faced by women migrant workers.

·         To advocate for appropriate strategies and policy and practical responses, based on CARE’s, their partners’, and others’ experiences, in order to protect migrant workers’ well-being particularly with respect  to safe mobility and access to healthcare.

·         To recognise women migrants’ contribution as economic actors and advocate for policies and planning processes that ensure their protection.

·         To advocate for the recognition of the role of migration as a key development enabler in the post-2015 development agenda.

If you would like to join the online discussion around what needs to happen to ensure that migrants have safe mobility, decent work, and access to health and other basic services, please visit CARE's forum.