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Which way the future of aid? Southern civil society perspectives on the current debate on reform to the international aid system

Time (GMT +00) 00:00 23:59


This workshop aimed to:
  1. promote informal discussions, learning and sharing of experiences among the participating Southern civil society organisation (CSO) representatives, Northern CSO representatives and donors, building especially on the experiences of Southern CSOs in engaging with the international aid system and on their interests and concerns about the future of aid;
  2. come to a better understanding of existing Southern CSO inputs and/or responses to the ongoing debate on how to reform the international aid system;
  3. identify areas of work where further Southern engagement with these issues would be desirable;
  4. identify priority areas for research and next steps, asking in particular how Southern CSOs envision the Southern Voices project evolving and what kind of support they may need to continue and/or expand their engagement with issues related to the future of the international aid system.