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Water Governance: Challenging the Consensus

Time (GMT +00) 00:00 23:59


Water governance features prominently in international development policy making and considerable efforts have been made to develop a world water ‘vision’ which propounds key principles for better water resource management. Such principles can be seen to represent an international ‘consensus’ on water governance.

Emerging academic work criticises water policy for being narrowly underpinned by neo-liberal principles, dominated by technical and managerial concerns and informed by limited methodologies and empirical data. NGOs and campaigning groups have questioned the pro-privatisation focus of the consensus, the neglect of environmental and ecological concerns and equity issues.

The seminar series aims to invite academics and practitioners from a variety of disciplines to critically explore key themes in water governance, assess empirical evidence for the efficacy of policies and evaluate methodologies used in policy making. The outcomes will inform theoretical debate, empirical research and policy initiatives across the water sector.