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Was the Paris Declaration effective? – the official verdict

Time (GMT +01) 10:00 11:30
Hero image description: Hospital warehouse storing food aid DRC Image credit:Teseum Image license:Creative Commons


Bernard Wood - Team Leader, Phase 2 Evaluation of the Implementation of the Paris Declaration

Alison Evans - Director, ODI


Jonathan Glennie - Research Fellow, ODI



The official independent evaluation of the implementation of the Paris Declaration has been ongoing for the past five years. Bernard Wood, who has led this evaluation, will present the final results of this ambitious study. The first phase of the evaluation, which was presented at the High Level Forum in Accra, was an early evaluation and focused on ways of improving and enhancing implementation, rather than giving any definite judgement about effectiveness. The second and final phase, whose findings will be presented at this meeting, will be a key source of evidence for the Bussan High Level Forum in 2011. It contains large amounts of unique and sometimes surprising evidence and findings about the way aid giving has changed over the past five years, how the Paris Declaration has (or hasn’t) been relevant, and whether any of it actually makes a difference for poverty reduction and development.