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Unpacking accountability in education

Time (GMT +01) 09:00 10:30


Sean Coughlan @seanjcoughlan - BBC Education Correspondent


William Smith @GEMReport - Senior Policy Analyst, Global Education Monitoring Report

Mike Treadaway @edudatalab - Associate Research Fellow, Education Datalab

Susan Nicolai @susan_nicolai - Senior Research Fellow, ODI


In 2015, global leaders committed to ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. Yet this Sustainable Development Goal on education (SDG4) cannot be achieved without greater accountability for all those involved – governments, schools, teachers, parents, students, civil society, the international community and the private sector. This event explores the mechanisms in place to ensure all stakeholders are incentivised to provide education effectively and fairly, the policies which make accountability work or fail and the impact of external factors on the success of these policies.

The event, co-hosted by UNESCO's Global Education Monitoring Report and ODI, marks the launch of the 2017/18 Global Education Monitoring Report, Accountability and education: Meeting our commitments. Alongside global launches in Brasilia and Nairobi, the panel reflects on the role and responsibilities of government and the international community for achieving SDG4, along with the role of civil society organisations and think tanks to monitor governments and prompt progress, looking at what is needed globally and in the UK to strengthen accountability across education systems. 

203 Blackfriars Road London