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Twitter chat: give cash, not stuff

Time (GMT +01) 14:00 15:00

Participants include:


​When you think of humanitarian aid, you may think of tents, food parcels and water tanks. But there’s a growing push to give people cash – to allow them to determine what they need most, and in what form.

Questions remain about how cash works in practice: Is giving cash to people in humanitarian crises effective? Is it safe, accountable and transparent? Do people spend money on the ‘right’ things? Is it more open to corruption and diversion to armed groups? Does giving cash affect inflation and market prices? Can cash be scaled up globally and what does it mean for the humanitarian system?

Join cash experts, humanitarian aid workers, academics and policymakers, as they debate how and why cash works. They’ll also discuss the findings of a new report by a panel of experts, ‘Doing cash differently: how cash transfers can transform humanitarian aid’.

Want more? Attend our launch event the following day, which will seek to chart out a path for scaling up humanitarian cash transfers in the future.