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Three months into Sudan’s conflict: humanitarian leaders on the violence, the humanitarian response and the future

Hero image description: Wad Medani (Aj Jazirah State), 8 June 2023. Food distribution takes place in Wad Almajzoub Paultry farms, which host about 1,800 new arrivals from Khartoum. The farm has been abandoned for more than a decade and displaced people sheltering there are suffe Image credit:Wad Medani (Aj Jazirah State), 8 June 2023. Food distribution takes place in Wad Almajzoub Paultry farms. OCHA/Ala Kheir Image license:All rights reserved
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Join HPG as we convene a panel of Sudanese and international humanitarian leaders to shine a light on the ongoing armed conflict in Sudan and the international humanitarian response to it.

Three months since this conflict began, hundreds have died and more than a million are displaced. The fighting has ripped open the ethnic divisions in Darfur, with devastating consequences for civilians. Against impossible odds and putting their own lives on the line, Sudanese organisations have been the lifeblood of the response. International assistance has struggled to scale up in the face of delays, obstruction and aid diversion. Despite the severity of Sudan’s crisis, international engagement has failed to ignite.

This event will tackle big questions: how can we better facilitate the efforts of Sudanese organisations? What more is needed to scale up the international response? And how can we keep the spotlight on Sudan’s unravelling situation?


  • Sorcha O'Callaghan, Director, Humanitarian Policy Group at ODI

    Host: Sorcha O'Callaghan

    Director of Humanitarian Policy Group

  • hajir maalim

    Hajir Maalim

    Regional director for East Africa and Yemen, Norwegian Refugee Council

  • Clementine Awu Nkweta-Salami

    Clementine Nkweta-Salami

    UN Deputy Special Representative, Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Sudan

  • Laetitia Bader

    Laetitia Bader

    Horn of Africa director at Human Rights Watch

  • Dr Nuha Ibrahim Mirghani, Medical Doctor, Co-Chair of Sudan NextGen Organization

    Dr Nuha Ibrahim Mirghani

    Medical Doctor, Co-Chair of Sudan NextGen Organization