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The role of media in improving transparency and accountability: towards a consistent and compelling evidence base

Time (GMT +01) 13:00 14:30


Rebecca Stringer -Country Director Tanzania, BBC Media Action

Augusto Newell - Research Manager, BBC Media Action

Solomon Mugera
- Editor BBC Africa Service


James Deane - Director Policy & Learning, BBC Media Action


A sound and growing body of literature exists in economics, political science, communication research and other disciplines supporting the impact of the media on participation, transparency, and ultimately on accountability. The media has a key role to play in informing individuals; providing an inclusive and critical platform for public dialogue and debate; stimulating interpersonal communication and ultimately, policy-making that benefits a greater number of people.

Projects funded by GTF have aimed to do just this – provide opportunities for citizens to be informed about and check government decisions; to voice their view and needs on governance issues; and ultimately to support improved transparency, participation and accountability. This event will provide an overview of the successes and challenges encountered in supporting the media in Angola, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania to improve transparency, accountability and participation in governance.

Key questions to be addressed will include: How do we contextualise GTF learning on the role of media in improving transparency and accountability within wider efforts to consolidate and build a body of evidence? How has this work contributed to our understanding of what does and does not work? And how can GTF’s work with media feed into conceptualisation of these issues and future research?

RSVP is essential, please contact Laura Woulfe on [email protected]

New Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London, W1A 1AA