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The politics of humanity: the reality of relief aid

Time (GMT +00) 18:00 20:00


This event will look at Sir John Holmes’ three years as the UN’s Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC).

Sir John will be discussing ‘The Politics of Humanity’ – his account of the years 2007-10 which provides an insight into some of the most challenging humanitarian crises of that period and the international response to them. Among them the plight of civilians caught up in brutal civil wars including the final stages of the conflict in Sri Lanka , the difficulties for humanitarians operating in areas viewed by the West through the lens of the ‘war on terror’ and negotiating with some of the world’s most intransigent regimes.

In conversation with the BBC’s Mike Wooldridge, John Holmes will be covering some of the most controversial episodes of his tenure as ERC and the morally complex choices confronting those responsible for the provision of humanitarian aid to people in need of assistance and protection.

This event is by invitation only. If you are interested to attend please contact Tania Cheung on 020 7922 0348 or email [email protected] with your name and organisation. Alternatively, to follow the lecture online you can sign up via the 'register' tab.