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The growth game: The institutions of development and the development of institutions in Africa and South Asia

Time (GMT +00) 17:30 19:00


Ivan Lewis MP - Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development
Dr Adrian Leftwich - University of York, Co-director IPPG
Professor Kunal Sen - University of Manchester, Co-director IPPG
Dr Blessings Chinsinga - University of Malawi

Hugh Bayley MP


This meeting will present findings and policy lessons from Institutions for Pro-Poor Growth (IPPG), a DFID-funded research programme about the creation, change and reform of institutions for promoting economic growth and inclusive development in Africa and South Asia.

About IPPG

The Research Consortium on Improving Institutions for Pro-Poor Growth(IPPG) was established to explore the big idea that political and social institutions and processes both formal and informal have a profound effect on both the form and functioning of economic institutions and hence influence growth outcomes decisively. They work from the understanding that institutions are the formal or informal rules, norms and conventions that govern social interaction in any domain or sector of human behaviour; whereas organisations are the players formally or informally constituted agents or interests that establish, operate, oppose, maintain or change the rules. Their research is concentrated mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, with additional work in India and Latin America.

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Room