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The Good Humanitarian Donorship initiative: ten years on

Time (GMT +00) 00:00 23:59


The event examined the Good Humanitarian Donorship initiative which was established almost ten years ago with the aim of providing a forum in which donors can work together to advance principled donor funding and improved humanitarian action. Since its foundation the Good Humanitarian Donorship group has grown to a membership that includes almost 40 donor states and the European Commission.

HPG and NRC brought together leading humanitarian players from government, aid agencies and academia in order to facilitate an examination of the GHD’s role, the application of its founding principles, its role today and in the future as it approaches its tenth anniversary. The roundtable examined the GHD initiative in the context of the changing humanitarian landscape and nature of donorship: new actors and structures; enhanced pressure on the system; and the politicisation of humanitarian aid. By asking questions about donor transparency and accountability, the roundtable examined just how relevant the GHD - and the principles that underpin it - are today.

This event is part of a project funded by ECHO and the Norwegian MFA called Strengthening Principled Humanitarian Response Capacities.