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Starting strong: the first 1000 days of the SDGs - Latin American regional dialogue

Time (GMT +01) 08:00 16:00

Participants English language interviews

Participants Spanish language interviews


The SDGs are an ambitious agenda. Early actions taken by government, civil society and the private sector are critical in setting the foundation for success or failure in the years to come. Achieving the goals will require the involvement  of a wide range of actors; it is therefore important that different voices weigh in on key priorities moving forward.

A set of regional dialogues taking place across Africa, Asia and Latin America bring together researchers and policy-makers to identify and discuss SDG priority actions for effective implementation at national, regional and global scales. Each of the regional dialogues brought together development thinkers and decision-makers for two days in an interactive setting. The dialogues:

Convene a select group of actors who can build a platform to champion SDG implementation and maintain momentum and a sense of urgency within their respective countries and across the region;

Generate ideas on concrete actions that will catalyse early action and help avoid the slow start on implementation that plagued the MDGs;

Poole knowledge and substantive evidence on integrated approaches to SDGs implementation - ideas/actions that take into account the social, economic and environmental dimensions of the goals - and what the principle of 'leave no one behind' means in practice for the region.

The third of these events was held in Bogota, Colombia from 14-15 June 2016, in partnership with Southern Voice and CEPEI.