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Rwanda presentation of 'Mapping Progress: Evidence for a new development outlook'

Time (GMT +01) 08:00 14:00

Session One - Mapping progress: evidence for a new development outlook

Ellias Baingana - Director General of the National Budget

Dr Liesbet Steer
- Senior Research Associate, ODI
Dr Uzziel Ndagijimana - Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Rwanda
Pamela Abbot - Institute of Policy Analysis Rwanda

Janean Davis - USAID
Birgit Hansl - Senior Economist, World Bank

Session Two - Rwanda story of healthcare delivery

Romina Rodriguez Pose - Research Associate, ODI
Dr Fidele Ngabo - Director of Maternal and Child Health
John Rwrirhara - Institute of Policy Analysis Rwanda


ODI’s Mapping Progress report finds four key drivers of progress in development. It systematically analyses development progress in 24 countries across the global south and ranks countries according to performance.

Countries often better known as hubs of war and famine have made remarkable progress across different sectors including growth, education, healthcare, governance and agriculture. The report identifies the crucial role of effective leadership, smart policies, proper institutional foundations and international partnership in driving development progress. Countries are split into four categories: stars, surprises, potential performers and conundrums where progress in some areas has not delivered expected improvements in the lives of the poor.

The Global Report and Case Study of Rwanda's progress in health were presented to show that development progress in not only possible, it is happening.