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Protection and the HDP nexus: working in complementarity across humanitarian and peace action for violence reduction

Time (GMT +01) 15:00 16:30
Image credit:Tim Harcourt-Powell


Many humanitarian and protection actors are not proactively addressing threats to civilians in conflict, with limited focus on preventing or reducing risks of violence, coercion or deliberate deprivation. There is growing recognition of the need to shift approaches to humanitarian protection. Based on new and on-going research, the Humanitarian Policy Group at ODI is convening this roundtable to discuss how humanitarian, protection and peace actors can work in complementarity with each other to reduce violence and thus improve the protection of people affected by conflict.

This session is aimed to be an interactive session with both online and in-person active participation. The roundtable will aim to:
• Inform HDP nexus conversations, practice and policy with new evidence and analysis with a focus on the ‘P’ component of the nexus.
• Convene humanitarian and peace actors to discuss their roles in reducing and preventing violence and explore the optimal roles of humanitarian, peace (and development) actors in reducing violence.
• Identify, with humanitarian and peace actors, ways to ensure they can focus on their comparative advantages while complementing each other’s actions to ensure greater impact on violence reduction.

If you have already registered, please note that the session will stream live from this page.


  • Gemma Davies, HPG Senior Research Fellow

    Gemma Davies

    Senior Research Fellow, Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI

  • Marc Linning

    Senior Protection Advisor, Center for Civilians in Conflict

  • Mike Jobbins

    Vice President, Global Affairs & Partnerships, Search for Common Ground