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Pathways to Prosperity? Mainstreaming pro-poor approaches in tourism

Time (GMT +01) 09:00 16:00

Simon Maxwell - ODI

Caroline Ashley - ODI

Professor David Harrison - London Met. University / ODI

Shaun Mann - World Bank

Jonathan Mitchell - ODI

John Hummel - SNV Netherland Development Organisation

Le Chi Phuc - Management Consulting, Hanoi

Kate Lloyd-Williams - International Finance Corporation
Chris Thompson - Federation of Tour Operators

Sue Hurdle - Travel Foundation

Jane Ashton - First Choice Holidays

Harold Goodwin - Int. Centre for Responsible Tourism

Tricia Barnett - Tourism Concern

Neel Inandar - Conservation International

ODI Director Simon Maxwell introduced the meeting. He described the event as a ‘celebration'. The ODI Tourism Programme has a growing range of products as well as collaborators. The focus is changing from a ‘camp fire' to an industry-wide one. We are at an interesting moment in international development – the development agenda is shifting, and with growth of China and its manufacturing sector the role of the service sector elsewhere is becoming crucial. We have a new opportunity to put tourism on this agenda. Maxwell suggested that the ‘fly in the ointment' is the climate change debate. He finished by raising the question: How do we tell consistent stories of climate change and pro-poor tourism?

For the rest of the meeting summary, download the PDF using the link on the right-hand side.


Over the past year, the ODI Tourism Programme – together with like-minded donor agencies, NGOs and other organisations – has been exploring a new and innovative way of understanding the links between tourism and poor people. This event brought together people from the North and South who are aiming to make tourism work for the poor to discuss this approach. Participants included leading donors, development practitioners, private sector operators, non-governmental organisations and researchers.