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Partnering in emergencies

Time (GMT +00) 12:30 14:00


Katherine Nightingale - Senior Advocacy and Policy Officer - Humanitarian, Christian Aid


Nan Buzard - Executive Director, ICVA

Matthew Carter - Head of Humanitarian Department, CAFOD

Paul Knox Clarke - Head of Research and Communications, ALNAP

Richard Miller - Chief Executive, Action Aid UK

Ben Ramalingam - Co-author of the report, Independent Consultant

Dylan Winder - Head of Humanitarian Response, DFID Chase


​Christian Aid, Oxfam, CAFOD, Action Aid and Tearfund together with ALNAP are holding a panel discussion to launch a new inter-agency research report. The report, Missed Opportunities: the case for strengthening local partnership-based humanitarian responses, presents innovative research, analysing humanitarian partnerships in the work of the five agencies and challenges the humanitarian sector to confront new structures and business models in the cntext of the changing nature of disaster risk.

The report is available here: http://www.alnap.org/resource/8890.aspx

Major evaluations of numerous high profile humanitarian crises have identified insufficient investment in, and commitment to, partnerships with local capacity  as the single biggest issue hindering effective performance. This amounts to a longstanding systemic issue for the sector as a whole. The purpose of this study  was to look at the current and future potential of partnerships with national non-governmental organisations (NNGOs) in humanitarian response, based on lessons from across the commissioning agencies in four major emergency settings: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) conflict 2009-2012, Haiti earthquake 2010, Kenya food crisis 2010 and Pakistan floods 2010.

This event will present the findings of this first stage of a wider research initiative commissioned by five UK-based INGOs – ActionAid, Cafod, Christian Aid, Oxfam GB and Tearfund.