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Outcome Mapping for Programme and Project Planning

Time (GMT +00) 00:00 23:59


A 3-day introduction to the basic principles of Outcome Mapping, with particular emphasis on their application to the planning phase of development projects and programmes.

Plus a 1-day OM Surgery to explore ways in which OM concepts and tools can be practically applied within the participants' ongoing projects and programmes.

Designed for programme managers, desk officers and field staff from NGOs, funding agencies and national and international development organisations who are looking for effective ways to address the dynamics of change in the complex environments in which they work.

In the course, participants will learn how Outcome Mapping can help:

  • Planning and measuring social change in development projects and corporate initiatives;
  • Bring stakeholders into the planning, monitoring & evaluation processes;
  • Foster social and organizational learning;
  • Strengthen partnerships and alliances;
  • Understand and influence more effectively, human and ecological well-being.

Development professionals around the world are using Outcome Mapping because it helps them address questions such as:

  • How do we move beyond attribution to document contribution to social change?
  • How can we systematically and realistically capture the richness of what is occurring in our projects?
  • How do we get our partners and other important stakeholders involved in monitoring our projects?
  • How do we integrate M&E into the project from the planning stage?
  • How do we decide what to monitor and evaluate?
  • How can we notice, explain and respond to unexpected results?

Course trainers: Terry Smutylo and Kaia Ambrose

Terry and Kaia bring to this workshop the lessons and insights from many years of wide-ranging experience and a shared commitment to social change through participatory processes.

  • Terry Smutylo is the founder and former director of the Evaluation Unit at IDRC;
  • Kaia Ambrose is an independent consultant and co-founder of the Latin American Centre for Outcome Mapping.