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ODI Bites: public development banks on Agenda 2030

Time (GMT +00) 12:00 12:15
Hero image description: Achieving sustainable development goals. Congress plenary room. Image credit: International Hydropower Association Image license:CC-BY-NC-ND


Rémy Rioux @RiouxRemy – Chief Executive, Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

Rathin Roy @EmergingRoy – Managing Director of Research and Policy, ODI


For the first time ever, we are witnessing the gathering of all 450 global public development banks at the Finance in Common Summit. This summit allows the banks to collectively discuss their role and ambition towards achieving Agenda 2030, and how they can contribute to bringing climate change to the forefront of the international agenda.

In this ODI Bites episode, we explore the significance of this moment and how public developments banks can collaborate with private sector, multilateral and national banks to create sustainable growth.

ODI Bites is our new series set on giving you big ideas, easy to digest. We launch a series of online conversations with leading ODI experts, exploring dynamic new research, thought leadership, and responding to global challenges.