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Navigating green trade measures: avoiding a “green squeeze”

Time (GMT +01) 13:00 15:00
Hero image description: Ethiopian coffee cherries lying to dry in the sun in a drying station on raised bamboo beds. Image credit:Eric Isselee / Shutterstock
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Climate change and environmental degradation demand urgent action, and new "green trade" measures are emerging as a key policy tool. But how can we ensure these measures protect our planet while also supporting the sustainable development of emerging economies?

On 22 April, ODI convened leading experts for a timely roundtable to explore this critical question. It brought together perspectives from government, business, academia, and civil society to grapple with the challenges and opportunities presented by measures like the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR).

Key themes

Ethiopia's perspective: H.E. Teferi Melesse Desta, Ethiopian Ambassador to the UK, highlighted the unique challenges Ethiopia faces as a coffee-producing nation, emphasising the need for more time and support to adapt to new green trade requirements.

The "green squeeze" dilemma: Experts discussed how well-intentioned environmental regulations can unintentionally harm developing economies if they don't consider on-the-ground realities.

Collaboration is key: The roundtable emphasised the need for inclusive dialogues and partnerships between businesses, governments, and development partners to find solutions that work for everyone.

Supporting sustainable practices: Investment in sustainable production models and skills can support greater adherence to new green trade measures and boost competitiveness.


  • Ambassador Teferi of Ethiopia

    H.E. Teferi Melesse Desta

    Ethiopian Ambassador to the UK

  • Jodie Keane

    Dr Jodie Keane

    Senior Research Fellow, ODI

  • Alan Beattie headshot

    Alan Beattie

    Senior Trade Writer, Financial Times

  • David_Beer(1)

    David Beer

    CEO, TradeMark Africa

  • Maryla Maliszweka from World Bank

    Maryla Maliszweka

    Senior Economist, World Bank

  • George Riddell(1)

    George Riddell

    Trade Strategy Director, EY

  • Prof. David Luke, LSE Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa

    Prof. David Luke

    LSE Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa

  • Felix Ahlers Founder, Solino Coffee

    Felix Ahlers

    Founder, Solino Coffee