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Leading through crisis: what works and what doesn’t

Time (GMT +01) 11:00 11:30
Image credit:Shutterstock - Drop of Light
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Renewed conflict, environmental degradation, deepening inequality – the complexity and interconnectedness of today’s crises, unfolding in a media landscape rife with mis- and disinformation, require new forms of leadership. Executives from a diversity of sectors (multilateral, government, philanthropy, corporate) will share their views on the challenges we face and the means to overcome them. How do we move beyond platitudes to collective action?

By convening inspirational and effective leaders who have made their respective mark within their sectors and beyond, this event examines the skills and mindsets necessary to tackle our toughest global challenges.

The discussion explores the unique challenges leaders face in navigating the poly-crisis today. How can they reframe the debate on migration, so it’s seen as an opportunity and not just a challenge? And what responsibility do business leaders have in rebuilding citizen trust?

This event took place in Davos, on the margins of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting.

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About Tandem

In December 2023, ODI launched Tandem, an executive leadership programme for professionals in the humanitarian and development sector, fostering connections that inspire and equip leaders to create a brighter future for all. Supported by USAID, Tandem seeks to become the premier training ground for tomorrow’s leaders. Stay up to date by following Tandem on LinkedIn.


  • Resized Sara Pantuliano.jpg

    Sara Pantuliano

    Chief Executive, ODI (moderator)

  • Amy Pope

    Amy Pope

    Director General, International Organization for Migration

  • Mark Malloch-Brown

    Mark Malloch-Brown

    President, Open Society Foundations

  • Andrew Levy

    Andrew Levy

    Chief Corporate and Government Affairs Officer, Accenture

  • Tirana Hassan

    Tirana Hassan

    Executive Director, Human Rights Watch