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Launch of the OECD Development Co-operation Report (DCR) 2014

Time (GMT +01) 16:00 18:30
Hero image description: OEDC report Image license:Creative Commons


​The launch of the OECD’s 2014 Development Cooperation Report: Mobilising resources for sustainable development (DCR 2014) comes just as United Nations coordinated Financing for Development (FfD) negotiations begin, a process which will culminate in agreement on a financing framework to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in July 2015. The DCR 2014 explores the critical financing challenges to be addressed in supporting the SDGs, across the themes of how to better utilise all forms of existing resources, how to mobilise additional resources and how to address the need to provide global public goods in the post-2015 context. The report and the event therefore aim to help shape proposals to be taken forward to the UN FfD process.


The themes that will be addressed in the discussions include the value added of development co-operation, how ODA can be used more smartly, evolutions in the development finance context, country experiences in dealing with this evolving context and the critical issues for the FfD process to address and build consensus on.


The OECD will be represented on the panel by the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) Chair Erik Solheim, who will share the OECD’s latest analysis on the challenges for ODA and emerging DAC discussions on the FfD process. ODI panellists will be sharing insights from their work tracking trends in development finance (Dirk Willem te Velde) and country experiences in dealing with the evolving development finance context (Annalisa Prizzon). Development Initiatives (Harpinder Collacott) will also share DI’s analysis on the financing trends and FfD priorities.


You can register here to attend or livestream the event.

203 Blackfriars Road London