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From the municipality up: engaging local government in urban humanitarian response

Time (GMT +00) 10:00 11:30


​One of many the complexities of a city is the various levels and structures of governance. As centers of politics and commerce, national governments are present in cities as well as government-run institutions and departments, regional, municipal and local government structures. Understanding how best to engage with governments in humanitarian response is seen as increasingly important, particularly in urban centres. While there is more and more guidance and evidence available about working with national governments (see http://www.alnap.org/ndma for more), humanitarians must also work effectively with local/municipal governments.

This webinar will present the experiences of two organisations who have engaged with urban municipal governments, and provide a space for discussion and Q&A on this topic. **Please note the time for this webinar is pending as we confirm speakers**.

MercyCorps will share their experiences learning from and supporting Lebanese municipalities. For more MercyCorps' work, including their policy brief and guidebook developed from these experiences, please visit http://www.mercycorps.org.uk/research-resources/role-municipalities-syri.... The second speaker will bring their experiences working with municipal governments in the Philippines. More details will be shared shortly.