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Finance ministries in the 21st century

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​Nhlanhla Musa Nene, Minister of Finance, South Africa


Khosi Letise, Permanent Seceretary, Ministry of Finance, Lesotho

Lungisa Fuzile, Director-General, National Treasury of South Africa

Odon Nsampanga Assas, Secretary General, Ministry of Budget, DRC

Fréderic M Serge De Souza, Director General of Budget, Ministere de l'Economie de Finances, Benin

Mario Marcel, Senior Director, Governance Global Practice, World Bank (former Budget Director, Chile)

Carolina Rentería, Lead Economist, World Bank (former Minister of Planning, Colombia)



​Finance ministries are vital to delivering fiscal policy and safeguarding public money - be it in advanced economies that emerge from the global financial crisis, in middle-income countries that seek to transform their economies or in developing countries that aim to reduce poverty.


However, unlike different fiscal policy choices and budgetary instruments, where the past decades have seen a flurry of literature and innovation (though not always to much effect), finance ministries themselves have received relatively little attention. Only recently has a small literature sprung up and the international community has started to analyse how finance ministries evolve, adapt and respond to an ever-changing set of challenges. 


Co-hosted by ODI, CABRI and the National Treasury of South Africa, this conference (#minfin) will convene government officials, academics and international experts to discuss the role of finance ministries and how they can be made to work better in the 21st century. The event aims to highlight lessons learnt, share successes as well as failures, disseminate available research and to develop a joint agenda going forward.


Should you be interested in attending or have any questions, please get in touch with Shakira Mustapha ([email protected]).



Follow the conversation on twitter under #minfin. 

Johannesburg, South Africa