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Development in the face of climate extremes and disasters

Time (GMT +00) 11:30 13:00
Hero image description: Woman, Himachal Pradesh, India

Development in the face of climate extremes and disasters - panel discussion


Roger Harrabin – Environment Analyst, BBC



Kirsty Lewis – Climate security science manager, UK Met Office

Maarten van Aalst – Director, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

David Nicholson – Director of Environment, Energy and Climate, MercyCorps



Emily Wilkinson – Research Fellow, ODI


To what extent can we attribute climate extremes to global warming? What is the relationship between extreme events and poverty? And how will climate extremes in the future affect our efforts to eliminate extreme poverty? As governments turn their attention to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals and targets agreed in both Sendai and Paris in 2015, a better understanding of and the links between climate change and disasters is needed, as well as the impacts on patterns of poverty.

This event unpacks the science and reveal new insights. It challenges the common misconception that there are ‘hot spots’ of climate extremes and poverty. Drawing on new findings, the event brings together some of the world’s leading thinkers on climate change and poverty, and explores implications for the post-2015 agreements.

203 Blackfriars Road London