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Designing the development agency of the future

Time (GMT +01) 11:00 15:00


What are the implications of a changing development agenda for international development agencies and the way they work? Which features and institutional arrangements make an agency capable of addressing the new challenges in development? How are development agencies already evolving, and what lessons can we learn?

The emerging post-2015 sustainable development framework shows the breadth and complexity of the current agenda. If the Millennium Development Goals prompted a focus on foreign aid as the main form of international response, the same will not be true for the Sustainable Development Goals. They pointedly emphasise a host of other measures – both financial and non-financial – required to support future progress.

The sweep of this new policy agenda poses strategic and operational challenges for development agencies. All agencies, new and old, are exposed to these changes. New priorities will require new and different ways of working. But there is no consensus on the best approach and limited sharing of experience across agencies.

ODI will bring together senior directors of development ministries and agencies for a high-level conference. They will be joined by leading thinkers and strategists on institutional change, to share perspectives on the choices for how to plan and organise development cooperation over the next decades. This unique setting will provide an independent space to think long term and strategically about the development agency of the future.


Attendance at this event is by invite only. Should you wish further information or register your interest to attend in person, please contact Elize Hefer ([email protected]).

203 Blackfriars Road London